Trend: Fall 2013 Fashion

MyFavesJournal_FallFashion 2013_FeathersJessica Simpson Feather Trim Illusion Yoke Lace Dress | Betsey Johnson Necklace Gold-Tone Peacock Y Necklace United Nude Falcon Boots

I know it’s the middle of the summer and a little too soon to be thinking about fall. However, we fashionistas know  that another fashion season is always just around the corner. On this year’s Fall 2013 Fashion runways, one of the trends that I noticed was the feather inspired look.  Perhaps the movie Black Swan still has the plumage impact on most fashion influencers. Knowing the animal suffering endured for those feathers, suffice is to say that I think real feathers are an absolute ‘down’er. I’ve purchased this Jessica Simpson Feather Trim Illusion Yoke Lace Dress in black as seen above for a fall gala. Do you think you’ll pull off the faux feather look?

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13 thoughts on “Trend: Fall 2013 Fashion

  1. Wow I never thought about animal cruelty with peacocks before. my neighbor’s farm has a pair of peacocks that roam freely and they’ve given me free feathers before.. so it never crossed my mind.

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