Island Inspiration

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelrylSalty Girl Jewelry is a jewelry line inspired by the exotic natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. The designer, Amber Chesebro, is based in Honolulu where she finds herself inspired by the splendor of the sea, the exquisite loveliness of the land, and the aesthetics of all the magnificent marvels in between. Her unique jewelry pieces are handmade and designed for the girl who demands quality and originality.

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_UrchinNecklaceUrchin Necklace - Teal

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_UrchinEarringsUrchin Earrings - Teal

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_LimusBraceletLimu Bracelet

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_PinkCoral_UrchinSpinesEarringsLong Coral Cascade Earrings

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_LotusLeafCuffLotus Leaf Cuff

MyFavesJournal_SaltyGirJewelryl_SpiralEarringsSpiral Earrings


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