Edit: Summer To Fall

Effortlessly transition your summer wardrobe into alluring autumn attire with the addition of a few simple items.


1: J.Crew Ruffled Rhinestone Top
2: Eva Franco Flared Faux Leather Skirt w/zip closure
3: Madewell The Jean Jacket
4: Zara Scarf
5: DKNY 2-Pack Opaque Control Top Tights
6: Earwin Pearl Le Petite Luxe Sport Ceramic Watch
7: Zara Elastic Ankle Boot W/ heel
8: Lulu Guinness Lip Blot Make-Up Bag
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15 thoughts on “Edit: Summer To Fall

  1. Oh fall! I am in denial! In one hand I don’t want summer to end, on the other I’m starting to get that fever of wanting to by cute fall outfits… oh decisions.. decisions.. ; )
    xo Marez

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