Favorite Finds: LUX & ECO

Meet LUX & ECO, a luxurious eco-friendly curated boutique for those who love the green lifestyle, and the finest quality, eco-friendly products. Get your hands on these sustainable luxury fashion, home, and beauty picks from LUX & ECO, all hand-selected in accordance to LUX & ECO‘s profound commitment to the environment and high ethical standards. See below for our favorite finds from the luxury eco-friendly shop.

Lux-and-Eco-FavoritesLeft to Rigth

1:  TranSglass®  Polish Cut Vase
2: Modern Minerals  Truth + Beauty Eyeshadow
3: Laura & Elizabeth Courtenay Cuff
4: Earth Goddess Butterfly Pillow
5: Organic Cotton Herringbone Throw – Orange
6: Red Flower Guaiac Organic Perfume Concentrate
7: Cassandra Ott Star Plate With Purpose™
8: Voltaic Fuse 4W Solar Charger
9: Stroller Toy Strawberry
10: Sundari Neem Night Cream

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