Favorite Find: Marais Has All The Summer Shoes On Your List

10 Mar

Gladiator-Sandal-Silver-Marais-USAHave you ever heard of Marais USA?
I hadn’t until a couple of days ago while prowling for shoe sample sales in NYC. So, for those of you who don’t know the brand I am happy to share my newfound favorite with you.  I fell in love with Marais USA for its vintage feel and menswear influence.  If you’re a girly girl who likes your oxfords with a little twist, or ballet flats with jewel accents, you might be a Marais girl :)!

Favorite-Find-Marais-USAThe two fabulous young ladies, Catherine Chen and Haley Boyd, who are behind the local NYC brand described the typical Marais girl as smart, stylish and quirky.  As for me, comfort and mileage are always my priorities in footwear, and these shoes might be just perfect for my upcoming summer adventures, while adding a dash of color to my style.

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12 Responses to “Favorite Find: Marais Has All The Summer Shoes On Your List”

  1. dannadesigns March 10, 2014 at 1:09 pm #

    These shoes are super stylish! <3

  2. pernillelunde March 10, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    Lovely, can’t wait until the weather gets a little bit warmer so I can wear those fabulous shoes! Xx

  3. dressingd March 10, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    The silver and the cobalt blue are so fab!

  4. FatFreeFashion March 10, 2014 at 4:43 pm #

    Love those silver sandals!


  5. FreeUrCloset March 10, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    There’s always room for more shoes, and all of these are fabulous. XOXO N & N

  6. SerachShiro March 10, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

    LOve the silver Summer shoes :) !

  7. buttonsandbirdcages March 12, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    never heard of them but their shoes look perfect for spring!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    • myfavesjournal March 13, 2014 at 5:11 pm #

      Happy to introduce you to Marais USA. They have an amazing spring/summer collection.

  8. whatwewear March 12, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    such chic shoes! love!
    xoxo V & R

  9. essentjewels March 13, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this brand, I’ve been looking for a brand with all these qualities, it so hard to find a good, stylish pair of shoes in my size. I will have to check these out.

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